Friends of the Downtown-Medford’s Community Bike Program

Community Bike Program - Medford Wi

The Friends of the Downtown-Medford are currently working on a Community Bike Program to provide bikes to local Motel/Hotels for their guests. We went to the Medford City Council Meeting on Monday, July 10 and presented our program.

We are asking that the City of Medford place bike racks in Downtown Medford locations and other areas of interest for the use of bicyclists.  The meeting was very positive and we will be contacting the Hotel/Motel Tax Committee for funding of the bike racks.

Please see below for some basic information on our Community Bike Program.

The Friends of the Downtown are currently working on a Bike Program – where the FOTD will be placing bikes at local HOTEL/MOTELS for use of guests. This type of program is considered a Bike Library or a Bike Corral.

This program will be staffed by the location where publicly available bikes are stored and checked out to riders.Checkout times would be determined by the staffing at the Motel/Hotels. The Bike library would have various bikes available for use and have helmets and maps available for the guests. Because bike libraries are by nature staffed, they have limited operating hours and usually only a few locations. Currently we are planning on 2 locations to start with. The locations would each have 6-8 bikes for use.

The Friends of the Downtown are requesting that the City of Medford add bike racks to downtown and city locations for bike users to park bikes while shopping, eating and exploring our city. The current locations we are looking to have bike racks are the Mini Park on Main Street, Huey’s Hideaway, Medford Library, Chamber of Commerce, Marilyn’s Catering/Tuesday Farmer’s Market, Saturday Farmers Market, JC Field/Baseball Diamond.

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Friends of the Downtown-Medford, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit focused on promoting Historic Downtown Medford, Wisconsin.